Sweet and Fluffy Rabbits For Sale in Belmont, New York

Sweet and Fluffy Rabbits For Sale
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Hello! I have several rabbits for sale at the moment. Individual images are available upon request. Feel free to call if that works better for you, though I prefer text/e-mail. I am a former breeder and am currently trying to reduce my rabbit colonies and find them good homes. We do have many other rabbits for sale of different breeds, if there is something in particular you are searching for. I will do my best to answer any questions you may have, so do read on and see if any of my lovely bunnies might suit your needs. Our rabbitry is located in Allegany county in western NY.
Our Lionhead family:
The brothers:
Cookies & Cream is a lovable tri-color male bunny (he is creamy white with fawn and blue coloring). He is very curious and loves to be held. Cookie is dwarf-size with super soft fur and is 7 months old. He would be great with small children under adult supervision and make an excellent addition to any home!
Moose is slightly bigger than his brother (Cookie), but he is every bit as sweet and sociable. Affectionately called Moose because of his dark chocolate coloring scattered about his white fur, that is where the similarities to his namesake end. He enjoys regular attention and would be great with kids. Moose is also 7 months old. Both Cookie and Moose are Lionheads, however, they did not inherit the fluffy mane of their breed - just wonderful personalities.
Their sister:
Gwen (short for Guinevere) is a light brown (close to golden) female rabbit. She is shy compared to her brothers, but when she warms up to new people, she is very friendly. She does have the small mane and hip tufts that most Lionheads have. Gwen is 7 months old, as well, and would do better in a home with adults and/or older children.
The blue-eyed winter babies:
Elsa is the rather bossy elder sister of Anna - yes, just like in the movie. Elsa and Anna were born this past February, hence their Frozen inspired names. They are both blue-eyed white Lionheads and have very fluffy manes and hip tufts about them. Elsa is slightly smaller than her sister and both are dwarf-sized. Elsa is a somewhat demanding rabbit as she likes frequent attention and the occasional carrot. She would do better with older children and adults.
Anna is a very soft and sweet bunny, who thrives on attention. She is almost a year old as is her sister. Her favorite treat is celery, fed occasionally. She is a busy little rabbit and is constantly building small nests and hiding her food. Though she is very active, she is friendly and would be okay for small children and up.
Elsa and Anna are $50 due to their less common coloring and they do have pedigrees that go with them.
Other rabbits:
Selva is a two-year old Netherland Dwarf. She is a lilac Himalayan in color. This means she is snowy white with very light gray ears, nose, paws, and tail, and she has strawberry (light red) colored eyes. She is one of my sweetest rabbits and loves to explore her surroundings. Her favorite treats are endives and carrots. She would be wonderful with small children as a first rabbit.
Junior is a rascally broken blue tort (color, that is, he is white with dark gray/tan markings) Holland Lop. He is just over a year old and is always finding some mischief or another to get into. This one requires constant watching when he is out of his pen exploring. He looks incredibly cute and innocent with his floppy ears, but don't let that face fool you. He can be a little bugger when he feels like it. He would do better in a house with older children or adults.
Grace is a super outgoing and soft Holland Lop/Netherland Dwarf cross, though most say she looks like an overgrown Polish. She has upright ears, is 2 1/2 years old, and is broken blue (once again broken referring to color and meaning she is mostly white with dark gray coloring over her). She is incredibly sweet and loves attention and feeling spoiled. Her favorite treat is carrots and she would do well in a home with little kids and up.
Rikki Tikki Tavi is a castor (reddish-black in color with a white stomach) Mini Rex who really lives up to his name! How many of you remember the tale of Rikki Tikki Tavi, the mongoose? Well, our Rikki is always moving, and thinks the world is his playground. We've started placing him on a harness and leash so he can explore outside and go for small jaunts in the park. He loves timothy grass and carrots, but this little guy never sits still for long, though he is quite friendly. He is just over one year old and would do best in a home with older children and plenty of space, due to his high activity level.
Brownie is very fluffy, soft, and shy bunny. She is a complete mix, though she does have some Angora in her background that gives her fur a little more length than the average pet rabbit. She has to get used to people before she opens up, but once she accepts you, you'll have a great snuggle buddy. She is 1 1/2 year old and is chestnut colored (the same color that wild rabbits are). She would do better with older children and adults.
All rabbits aforementioned are $15, unless otherwise listed above.
More individual pictures are available upon request, I had some difficulty uploading them on this site. Please feel free to call/text/or e-mail any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest and enjoy the coming holidays!!

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