Soft and Sweet Mini Rex junior rabbits in Belmont, New York

Soft and Sweet Mini Rex junior rabbits
Price: $50
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I'm no longer interested in breeding so many types of rabbits and I have several Mini Rex and other breeds for sale in various age groups. Quick note- The term broken has nothing to do with their body; it refers to their color. A broken rabbit has a majority of white fur with markings from a recognized coat color. Proven means that they have sired or had a litter of kits (babies). Jr. are under 6 months of age and Sr. are over 6mo. For more details or to request specific photos, please call or e-mail me!
Short list:::
Color Breed Age Gender Other Price
black Mini Rex jr. doe - has pedigree, grand champion in line - $50.
Tort. Mini Rex jr. buck - has pedigree, GC in line - $50
broken blue Mini Rex jr. doe - pedigree, GC in line - $50
broken blue Mini Rex jr. buck - pedigree, GC in line - $50
broken black Mini Rex sr. doe (proven) - pedigree, GC in line - $50
black Mini Rex sr. buck (proven) - pedigree, GC in line - $50
Other breeds:
blue otter Netherland Dwarf sr. doe - pedigree- $25
Blue-eyed White Holland Lop sr. doe - pedigree- $100
Gray Dutch sr. buck (proven) - registered w/ ARBA, pedigree- $35
chestnut mixed breed jr. doe -very soft fur and so sweet and adorable- $25.
orange/harlequin mixed breed jr. buck -overly cute!!- $25
black Mini Rex jr. buck - torn ear- $10
These guys are all super sweet. Some are showable and they would all make great pets! If you are considering getting one as a pet make sure you think of the pros/cons: Rabbits can be litter-trained, taught tricks, walked on a leash, if they are raised with other animals they can get along fine with cats and dogs, and they make great family pets. However, they have maintenance like any other pet. Their nails should be trimmed every couple months, their cages (depends) often need cleaned at least once a week and if provoked can scratch/or bite. Unless you are prepared to to supervise childrens interactions with them, I would not recommend them as a pet for kids under 6 years old.

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